World premiere by

Nora Amin, Cairo / Irina Kastrinidis, Zurich
Trilingual production:
German - Arabic - English

Theatre with augmented reality technology

Germany Tour

Kulturzentrum Pavillion: Hannover  I  20 & 21 April 2024

Lister Meile 4
30161 Hannover

WERKRAUM: Göttingen  I  27  –  29 April 2024

Stresemannstraße 24c
37079 Göttingen

About the play

Two young women from different cultural worlds meet in a mystical place outside of time and space, where nothing seems impossible.
In this environment, important female figures such as the Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut, Jacky Onassis Kennedy and Joan of Arc gradually appear to them. The encounters lead to reflections on patriarchy, power, war and love and the question of whether we can really hope for a more just world.

At the beginning, the play uses augmented reality – a technology in which digital elements are added to the real environment using special glasses. This also raises questions about the possibilities and limits of digitally reviving the deceased. Can we bring loved ones back from death, overcome farewells, find comfort? At least digitally?

An intense theater experience in mixed reality.

Augmented reality (AR)

differs from VR in that additional objects/avatars are added to the real world in AR. The reality is expanded. The artists and coders of the boat people project are responsible for the AR effects in the production: CLASH is the third production for which they are experimenting with AR glasses of the brand MAGIC LEAP. An app was specially programmed for the effects, the movements of the avatars were partly created using motion capture technology, and the objects were designed to match the piece. The dramaturgy follows an «open world format» – each visitor can explore the space at his or her own pace, there is no predefined sequence. Some of the objects and avatars are interactive, i.e. they react to hand or eye movements. It is therefore recommended to keep moving your hands and head to fully experience the immersive experience.

Swiss Tour 2023


Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zurich

21 September I 8 pm

Further performances
Fri 22 I Sat 23 I Sun 24 I Wed 27 I Thu 28 I Fri 29 I Sat 30

Egypt Tour

The play opened at the:


Down Town Contemporary Art Festival in Cairo

12 & 13 October 2023

Jesuit Cultural Centre in Alexandria

Jesuit and Freres for Development Association el Menia

20 & 21 October 2023

Tunisia Tour


Les journées théâtrales de Carthage - à la salle carré d’art d’El Teatro Tunis.

Jeelen Art Events Home à Nabeul 

Le 8 décembre à 19h à

Espace culturel Le Majestic à Bizerte

Le 10 décembre à 19h à

à la salle carré d’art Espace - El Teatro de Tunis

Le 14/15/16 décembre à 19





Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland
26 September 2023 – Literature Podium Fabriktheater

lit.z – Stans
27 September 2023 – Reading and discussion

Reading of the authors



Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland
22 September 2023 – Fabriktheater

A Reading and Discussion with Nora Amin and Irina Kastrinidis
D-CAF – Goethe-Institut in Dokki, Cairo
14 October 2023


Text world premiere
Nora Amin & Irina Kastrinidis

Peter Braschler

Dramaturgy | Cultural ConsultingSpecial Researches – Arab World
Maysoon Mahfouz
Ahmed El Attar – D-Caf-Festival

Cultural counseling & language
Taoufik Jebali, El Teatro, Tunis

Meret Bodamer & Hadeer Moustafa

The Voice
Thea Dumsch, german
Maysoon Mahfouz, arabic

Composition / Production
Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez, phatm studio

Set Design
Stephan Schwendimann, möbel raum

Sabina Hexspoor, Tatmotiv

Lighting & technical management
Michael Omlin

Jan Gubser
Technical Director, Egypt: Mido Sadek
Technical Director, Tunisia: Walid Hassir

Video, visual effects, Social Media
Michel Weber

Design / Realisation Augmented Reality
Reimar de la Chevallerie, bpp, Göttingen
Nina de la Chevallerie, bpp, Göttingen

Concept Coding AR
Martin Wisniowski, bpp, Köln

3-D object modeling AR
Amer Okdeh, bpp, Berlin

Dance of the avatars for AR
Alena Pajasova

Speaker AR Space
Nora Amin

Graphics / Tagging
Remo Hexspoor

Arabic graphic
Hadi al Abudi

Social Media
Switzerland Remo Hexspoor
Germanv Birte Müchler
Egypt Nahla Soliman
Tunisia Rahma Fakhfakh

Switzerland Roni Ulmann
Egypt Roby – Ahmed El Sayed

Production management
Theater Maralam

Switzerland IG Rote Fabrik, Konzeptbüro, Zürich
Kyros Kikos, Dagmar Lorenz
Germanv boat people projekt, Göttingen
Nina de la Chevallerie, Birte Müchler
Egypt D-Caf Festival Cairo
Orient Productions, Cairo
Ahmed El Attar

MM for cultural management, Cairo
Maysoon Mahfouz

Tunisia El Teatro Tunis
Taoufiq Jebali, Founder an Artistic Director
Sourour Jebali, Director of Productions
Inès Jebali, Directions of Finance and Administration
Yousra Ammouri, International coordination

© Performance rights Nora Amin – Irina Kastrinidis

In Memoriam Zeyneb Farhat, El Teatro Tunis


Theater Maralam, Zurich
in co-production with:

El Teatro, Tunis
boat people projekt, Göttingen
MM for cultural management, Cairo
Orient Productions/ D-CAF Festival, Cairo
IG Rote Fabrik, Konzeptbüro, Zurich

© Performance rights
Nora Amin - Irina Kastrinidis

Kindly supported by:

IG Rote Fabrik, Konzeptbüro, Zurich I Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zurich I Ernst Göhner Stiftung I boat people projekt, Göttingen I Fonds Darstellende Künste, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur I Hanns-Lilje-Stiftung I Sparkasse Göttingen I Kulturstiftung Göttingen I Goethe Institut Kairo I Austrian Cultural Forum Cairo I MM for cultural management, Cairo I  Gönner:innen Theater Maralam I Trans Sped AG, Zurich I A&S Immobilien GmBH I Mufag

boat people project

IG Rote Fabrik Zürich